New Flagship for Brittany Ferries as the "Mont St Michel" joins the Fleet
Brittany Ferries new flagship, the "Mont St Michel", enters service on the Portsmouth-Caen route on 20th December. This 80 million cruise ferry is the largest ever to have been purpose-built for operations on the Channel and brings with it new levels of luxury.
Carrying up to 2200 passengers and 800 cars, this magnificent vessel has 4 restaurants, 2 bars, 2 cinemas, a shopping mall, an infants club and, for the first time, a special teenagers area.
There are 800 beds in 215 cabins, which have been specially designed to provide more space, and, in keeping with Brittany Ferries concern for the handicapped, there are a number of cabins specifically designed for the disabled. For those seeking even more luxury there are 8 Commodore Class suites with all the comforts of a top class hotel.

Application of the latest technology will lead to more comfort by, for example, substantially reducing engine vibration and noise and providing sate-of-the-art individually controlled climate control in every cabin.

This new ship will be used on Brittany Ferries most popular route, Portsmouth - Caen. This major Normandy port offers excellent road links to Paris, Brittany, the Loire, the South West, the Mediterranean and, of course, the delights of Normandy itself, providing a bypass to other more northerly ports in France and saving miles of unnecessary driving.

"When travelling nowadays one of the great luxuries is space and we have worked hard with the designers of this ship to provide this for our passengers, said", David Longden, Brittany Ferries Managing Director.
"Equally we are proud of the stylish new décor, which follows a cultural theme using original works of French art.
This serves to reinforce the notion that your holiday really does start the moment you drive on board, something well underpinned by our restaurants, whose excellent cuisine and great value for money have become a hallmark of Brittany Ferries. Furthermore, the size of the Mont St Michel, through economies of scale, enables us to offer our passengers the travel value they are seeking"

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