All time high for European ferry traffic? ShipPax Information give encouraging signals that the industry is recovering
The European ferry traffic accumulated volumes for 2002, compiled by Swedish shipping consultants and publishing house, ShipPax Information, give encouraging signals that the industry is recovering from the tough three-year period (1998-2001), which saw the abolition of onboard tax-free sales and the introduction of several fixed links.

On the passenger side, there were only minor losses in the volumes between Greece-Italy, Denmark-Norway and Denmark-Sweden.
However, no reduction in vehicles is reported. In fact, for the first time, at least in the last ten years, car decks on ferries show an improvement in payload in all of the major markets.
The best tourist traffic figures come from Estonia - Sweden trade, a positive result of Tallink's takeover of Estline.

When it comes to freight, interestingly, the largest increases can be found in the Baltic, a region that will continue to prosper especially when Poland and Estonia become members of the EU.
A compilation of the European ferry traffic figures for 2002 in graph form is published in the March 2003 issue of CRUISE & FERRY Info. To request a copy, contact:

European ferry traffic figures - fully year 2002

(Fonte: ShipPax Information Service )


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